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Okay, bit of a pickle this. Sugarbabes are yet another manufactured girl "band", more stylist than style etc. We know where we stand on such things, that such behaviour is unacceptably trash and purile. Sugarbabes are no exception. The real problem is that there is bugger all wrong with "Overload". In fact if it wasn't so blatently meant to be disposable pop music you could almost fall into the trap of thinking there is a decent song in there. Bad, bad, bad. Take some reassurance from the certainty that all future Sugarbabes records will be crap. Rest easy. This is a one off. It has to be.



Madonna goes all bleeping electronica on us. As usual she actually does it almost too well, and the result is a truly daring new angle on her now meteoric resurgence as an enigmatic and quite brilliant artist. It is not perhaps as faultlessly cool as her recent singles, but then if it had been it would have been tempting to accuse her of playing it safe. And that is quite obviously not her thing. A great single, and a touch of Madge magic is just what electronica needed.



Yep its a cover of that Duran track that managed to put Le Bon and Rhodes back in the coffee table league. So no probs with the song as such. Naimee Coleman relishes the task too, and it is entirely her firey performance that raises this out of the myre of prance music that has existed unchallenged in the charts since Oceanic's god awful hit "Insanity". Aurora employ the same tired old tricks, hence despite Miss Coleman's sterling efforts this is one of those tracks that quickly gets worse each time you hear it. Dump the dead weight Naimee.


KYLIE MINOGUE On A Night Like This 1

Alas not a cover of that duff old Cure song, and more's the pity, as at least that would have been funny. After languishing in the post-PWL obscurity of DeConstruction and RCA, Kylie has found a renaissance with new label EMI. And her work has suffered because of it. Kylie, as it goes, has never really meant very much in these parts. Indeed most of her records are naff at best. That said, "What Do I Have To Do?" was a great pop track and "Confide In Me" was high art, albeit probably by accident. But the world turns on such happy accidents, and from obscurity often comes credibility. So why fuck it all up with this shite? As for the reviews, it was either this or her collaboration with our own Blofeld, Robbie Williams. And it'll be a cold day in hell before he gets anywhere near my stereo.


FINLAY QUAYE Spiritualised 3

I know how much you all want to hate this, cause I felt the same. But then it occurred to me that if Lou Reed had done it we would have been praising him to the hilt. So there you have it. Finlay, fresh out of rehab, has made a decent Lou Reed record. That's not bad going really is it?


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