John Mead, one of Greenpeace's main international action organizers and climbers.

With permission from Greenpeace we present this section.

We talk to John about what its like to do a Greenpeace direct action, what Green peace is up to at the moment, and the funnier side of being in some of Greenpeace's daring actions. John is also an exceptional photographer, and we have an exhibition of some of his photographs in this section as well. Of course there is a link to the Greenpeace site here too.

Himylan Photo Gallery
As well as being an organiser and climber for Greenpeace, John is an exceptional photographer. Here we present a gallery of stunning photographs of the Himylas and the people living there, which John has taken on his frequent visits to the area.


An introduction to Philosophy

Stephen Law, after falling 65 feet off a cliff at the age of 17, dropped out of school and became a postman. While a postman he studied buy himself and eventually got accepted into City University London to study philosophy. Completing his study there, and receiving a first, he went on to study at Oxford Univeristy where he got his doctorate in philosophy. He went on to hold a number of lectureships at different Oxford colleges and was recently the Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at The QueenÍs College, Oxford. He is currently a lecturer in Philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London.

1: Should I Eat Meat? 4: What Is Real?
2: How Do I Know The World Isn't Virtual? 5: Can I Jump In The Same River Twice?
3: Where am I? 6: Where Do Right and Wrong Come From?

The Philosophy Files will be published by Orion Children's Publishing in Feb 2000 at £9.99 hardback, including line illustrations.

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