Here we present a section of interviews with well known and important artists, musicains, activists, writers as well as multi-media artists.

John Mead, one of Greenpeace's main international action organizers and climbers.

With permission from Greenpeace we present this section.

We talk to John about what its like to do a Greenpeace direct action, what Green peace is up to at the moment, and the funnier side of being in some of Greenpeace's daring actions. John is also an exceptional photographer, and we have an exhibition of some of his photographs in this section as well. Of course there is a link to the Greenpeace site here too.

Himylan Photo Gallery
As well as being an organiser and climber for Greenpeace, John is an exceptional photographer. Here we present a gallery of stunning photographs of the Himylas and the people living there, which John has taken on his frequent visits to the area.

Ulf Knudsen and Per Platou - two of the net's musical pioneers, who have been pushing forward the boundaries of new music of the internet. This is not just music made in the conventional way and simply put up on web pages, but music actually made via the internet, with realtime contributions from people all over the globe. Mark Wingfield talks with Ulf and Per about recent and past recordings and gigs, as well as some of the philosophy behind what they do.

Raphael Elig - the French multimedia-music pioneer. Combining live music with live painting, computers, huge video screens, interactive techo/sculpture installations, along with as soon to be released Web linked music-multimedia CD ROM, make Raphael one of the most exciting technology based artists around.

Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green the revered blues guitarist in one of his rare interviews.

Tom Pow - the noted Scots poet on his new BBC Radio 4 play, and writing for a living.

Tom Pow - part two.

John Fairfax - distinguished English poet and founder of the Arvon Foundation Creative Writing courses.

Mark Wingfield jazz guitarist, composer. "One of the most striking and original voices on the guitar today" Richard Newman - Noted U.K. author and music journalist. Scapetrace - The language of jazz, mixing the contemporary with world influences

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