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The Pentatonic's Inner Pattern

Ear The Secret To Everything
By Mark Wingfield

Playing Over Chord Changes 1

Playing Over Chord Changes 2

How Scales Fit With Chords

Sight Reading
By Jon Finn

Modes Part One

Modes Part Two

Better Improvisation 1

Better Improvisation 2

Modes From The Pentatonic

Learning The Notes On The Neck

The Importance of Theory and Ear
By Steve Morse

Notes on the authors:

Mark Wingfield
Contemporary jazz guitarist considered by many to be one of the most striking and original voices on the guitar today. Mark Wingfield site. Scapetrace.

Jon Finn
Head Guitar Instructor at The Berklee School of Music and in his own musical career, one of the leading proponents of fusion and modern rock guitar.

Steve Morse
Renowned as one of the world's best rock guitarists. From the famed Dixie Dregs in the late 70's and early 80's to his current 90's trio, Steve has released a long string of revered LPs over the past two decades.
Steve is known both for his amazingly eclectic style (from heavy metal to country to jazz to classical to funk) and for his incredible technique, rivalled in rock, only by the likes of Steve Vai and a couple of others. Steve Morse site.

Other articles were written by various professional players and teachers.

Mark Wingfield jazz guitarist, composer. "One of the most striking and original voices on the guitar today" Richard Newman - Noted U.K. author and music journalist. Scapetrace - The language of jazz, mixing the contemporary with world influences

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